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The Nomad Stylist Blog

Welcome to the Nomad Stylist blog, where style meets adventure, and beauty goes beyond the salon chair. I'm Darby Brown, the founder of Nomad Stylist, and I'm thrilled to kick off this blog journey with you. I'll be your guide through the realms of haircare tips, travel insights, and lifestyle adventures.

About Nomad Stylist: A Haven for the Free Spirits Nomad Stylist, my brainchild, draws inspiration from the word "nomad" — a symbol of change, exploration, and constant reinvention. It signifies the art of evolving, adapting, and embracing the beauty of the ever-shifting surroundings. This salon and on-location styling service are dedicated to those who, like true nomads, seek a shift in their beauty routines. Nomad Stylist is not just a salon; it's a movement for individuals who want to redefine beauty and societal norms while maintaining a profound commitment to the well-being of the world around them.

The Journey that Sparked it All

The roots of Nomad Stylist go back to a transformative moment in my life. After 15 years as a burnt-out stylist and creative director in a bustling salon, I took a bold step. I decided to recharge myself by embarking on a solo journey through Latin America. For 7 months, I traded haircuts for adventures and shared my styling skills with girls in orphanages. This journey laid the foundation for Nomad Stylist — a brand that aims to liberate stylists from the confines of the salon chair, offering them a greater sense of purpose wherever they are.

Nomad Stylist: More Than Just a Salon

Today, Nomad Stylist has evolved beyond being just a salon. We proudly offer on-location styling services, ensuring that beauty and style can be embraced anywhere, from the heart of the city to mountain towns and big travels. Additionally, we've curated a haircare brand that not only pampers your locks but also serves as a wellspring of inspiration for the adventurous soul in you.

Join the Nomad Community As we embark on this blogging adventure together, I invite you, to join the Nomad Stylist community. Whether you're a fellow stylist seeking inspiration, a travel enthusiast, or someone looking to redefine their beauty routine, this blog is for you. Expect a fusion of haircare wisdom, travel tips, and lifestyle insights that celebrate the spirit of the nomad.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey. Here's to countless stylish adventures ahead! 🌿✨

-Darby Brown


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